Face GO released as the first embedded facial recognition system around the world News  

2008-09-10 23:11:00 News Sources:Face GO Global

As the most natural recognition technology of biometric, facial recognition has attracted people’s attention since 30 years ago when it was born. Comparing with other biometric recognition approaches, facial recognition has some distinct advantages, such as contactless, quick recognition speed, high accurate recognition rate. By now, all applications of facial recognition are still based on PC platform in the global biometric recognition industry. Those applications are very complex, and could not be managed easily. Also the cost of those solutions are very high. Through 5 years study and work, Hanvon has successfully achieved the transplant of embedded facial recognition algorithm on high speed DSP platforms, so that facial recognition system has been brought from PC to the embedded industry. After that, Hanvon released a series of standalone embedded facial recognition products for access control,time attendance, identity management.

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