FACE GO on CeBIT 2009News  

2009-03-12 01:00:00 News Sources:Face GO Global

High-profile CeBIT 2009 was hold in Germany on March 3, 2009. As one of the biggest three tradeshow for the computer field, CeBIT is the No.1 marketplace for digital business in the world. During CeBIT, Hanvon gathered its three main key products. Except the well-known products, Pen Table & Display and E-book reader, the biometric recognition product “Face GO” which added much color to the family of Hanvon’s products.

According to the introduction, Hanvon showed the world’s first embedded facial recognition system with “double lens” – “FACE GO F710”. This product is based on “Dual Sensor™ V2.0” Facial Recognition Algorithm which is the least technology researched and developed by Hanvon with full self-owned intellectual property rights, and faces to security areas. “Dual Sensor™” brings facial recognition system from PC to embedded industry, and it widely extends the usage (application) scope of “FACE GO” as well. “Dual Sensor™” belongs to the binocular 3D facial recognition technology. By adopting special double lens, the recognition capacity of “Dual Sensor™” is superior to 2D facial recognition technology, but the algorism complexity is much less than pure 3D facial recognition technology. So “Dual Sensor™” not only enhances safety and reliability in facial recognition area, but also reduces calculation cost of the algorism. Compared with other products of this kind, Hanvon’s “FACE GO” has unparalleled advantages on performance.

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